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Vehicle Sanitization90 Day Residual Protection
Vehicle Sanitization6 Hour Hand Protection
Vehicle Sanitization Antimicrobial
Vehicle Sanitization Combats COVID-19
Vehicle SanitizationForms a covalent bond with applied surface &
creates a micro-biostatic antimicrobial coating

Vehicle Sanitization Certificate

Vehicle Sanitization

Vehicle Sanitization Vehicle Sanitization
Vehicle Sanitization

Starbreak uses a Dual Application System whereby all “High-touch Areas” within vehicles are wiped down giving up to 90 days residual protection.

Vehicle Sanitization

The vulnerability of company staff and customers remains a high concern for our business environment. The need therefore to protect everyone and ensure a clean and sanitized environment of the COVID-19 pathogen has become a vital concern.

Vehicle Sanitization

The unique science behind our Disinfectant forms a covalent bond with the treated surface creating a biostatic antimicrobial coating. This Nano-Technology allows for a residual 90-day Surface Protection and will further reduce the risk of cross-contamination.